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What are Health Check-up packages ?


Health Check-up Packages are basically clusters of tests bundled into a package for convenience. They are then categorised under appropriate list such as DESUN Cardiac Check, DESUN Diabetic Check, etc.


When are Check-ups useful?

There are 2 Basic Reasons:
  1. To identify any problem: With the growing age you may be facing certain problems that     are age-related, as for example DESUN Cardiac Check-up is recommended for those     who are above 40 years of age.
  2. To reduce treatment time: You get the check-up done and then consult a doctor and get      the treatment done. To make the point clear-




You Visit a Doctor
Provisional Diagnosis done by the Doctor
Tests are prescribed by the Doctor
After a few days you get the tests done
You get the reports of the tests after a few days
You get another appointment with the doctor
You visit the doctor to show the test reports after a few days
Doctor sees the test reports and recommends the course of treatment


You decide as per your choice the tests you want to do
You get an appointment for the same over phone
You visit the hospital for the tests on the very day and get the tests done
You get the reports after 2-3 days
Get the reports checked by a doctor and start the course of treatment as per the doctor
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