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Speciality Lab- No Delay in Superspeciality Tests


No Delay in Test Results, In-House Testing

Only DESUN, which has the largest Pathology Lab in Kolkata performs all Superspeciality Tests in-house and gets instant results. For somebody admitted in ICU, time can make all the difference. In other places patients have to silently suffer as these tests are sent to Delhi or Mumbai where it takes a minimum of 3 days time for the results to arrive. Whereas, in DESUN such delays not being there helps in a speedy diagnosis, resulting in better treatment. You may be under the treatment of the best team of Specialist Doctors but if they do not get test reports on time, even they are helpless. For maintaining the highest quality standards, DESUN Pathology Lab is accredited by National Accreditation for Board for Laboratories (NABL) of the Government of India.

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