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Today’s Health Tips
25 February, 2020



Seasonal Disease Forecast


Each season arrives with it’s beauty and utility. Seasons are important but they also open the chances of many health related ailments that we get as per our condition of health, immunity level and lifestyle. It is important to know about the possible health related problems of different seasons and take necessary precautions to stay healthy and happy.

1. Skin infections
2. Bacteria related fungus infections
3. Bronchitis
4. Rhinitis
5. Dysentery and gastro intestinal problems
6. Viral hepatitis
7. Cholera
8. Dehydration
9. Varicose veins
10. Parasitosis

It is best to maintain regular hygiene. Have nutritious food and take other necessary precautions avoiding untimely bath, if required using luke warm water to take bath, keeping surrounding and air conditioners clean and see a doctor as required and follow medical advice


1. Cough and cold
2. Cold sores
3. Sore throat
4. Asthma
5. Norovirus
6. Joint pains
7. SAD – Seasonal Sadness or depression is more during winters
8. Cardiac problems
9. Lung infections and COPD
10. Flu and fever
11. Dry skin
12. Feeling chill
It is important to be careful during winters. It is best to avoid getting cough and cold. Timely bath, avoiding cold and frozen food and eating fresh and warm food is preferred. People with complains of asthma and COPD needs to avoid dust and cold and follow medical advice. Cardiac patient’s needs to strictly follow medical advice and anyone with complain of chest pain, shortness of breath etc needs to contact specialist doctors or cardiologists. It is also important to maintain regular hygiene and have well balanced diet and certainly do some exercise.


1.Insect bites is more during summers
3.Heat stroke
5.Cardiac problems
6.Gastro intestinal problems, indigestion
7.Food poisoning as food items get stale quickly
8.Swimmer’s ear
9.Eye and vision problems due to sun rays and heat
Summers are important times to keep surrounding very clean, maintain hygiene and also stay away from excess exposure to sunlight and being out door too long, Drinking enough water and avoiding open and outside food. Do visit doctor is there is any health problem and best not avoid health related issues and follow medical instruction.


Rainy or Monsoon
1.Cough and cold
2.Fevers, Flu ad chills
3.Dengue, malaria etc
4.Skin infections and fungus infections
5.Stomach problems, diarrhea
6.Digestive and gastro intestinal problems
9.Nausea, vomiting
It is important to keep our self dry, use rain gears. Maintain daily hygiene and have nutritious diet. It is also imperative to maintain caution and follow medical advice. It is best not to avoid ailments or symptoms and see the doctor early


1.Cold and flu
3.Asthma and respiratory disorders
4.Gastro duodenal ulcers and peptic ulcers
5.Cardiac problems
6.Weight gain and obesity
7.Rheumatic diseases

Autumn it is important to keep our immunity high with proper nutritious food and good lifestyle that includes exercises and well managed diet sleep time. It is best to see the doctor in case of any health problem or symptoms of ill health and follow medical advice.

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