Post Covid Health Treatment Packages

It has been reported that people who have recovered from the clutches of the deadly coronavirus are exhibiting several lingering symptoms of COVID-19. Cardiovascular, neurological, autoimmune- these symptoms among many are lasting for weeks after recovery.

And, this is why, people with post-covid symptoms require a holistic care that is available at Desun. Equipped with an infrastructure that is isolated and exclusively made for round-the-clock patient monitoring, Desun offers a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive treatment for post-covid patients. We are also prepared with a specialized Post COVID Treatment Package to help recovered patients effectively against any future health scares.

So, whether it is weakness or slow recovery, every post-covid patient will get a full health monitoring and check-up that will help us keep track of any underlying complications.

DESUN's Specialized Post COVID Care Package @ Rs. 5,999/- includes

  • Doctor Consultation
  • CBC
  • CRP
  • FBS
  • Urea, Creatinine
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • LFT
  • ECG
  • Spirometry
  • HRCT Screening

Post COVID-19 Symptoms

Recovering from the COVID-19 virus has a far longer time frame than the initial recovery. Several people recovering from the virus are seen to be experiencing certain long-term post COVID symptoms which include.

Common Factors:

  • Headaches
  • Relapsing fever
  • Prolong breathlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Generalised weakness

Rare factors:

  • Confusion
  • Mental fatigue
  • Depression
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Relasing breathlessness

Very Rare:

  • Sudden Cardiac Death

Desun's fight against COVID

Every day hundreds of people across the city are fighting against this COVID-19 virus. And, Desun has joined this fight against the pandemic by working day and night towards the complete care of those affected by COVID-19. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with specialised doctors skilled support staffs are instrumental in paving the road to recovery for more than 3,000 COVID patients. And to lend our responsibility further, we bring to you the Post COVID-19 check-up package for diagnosing and treating post covid conditions and complications. This is how Desun is leading the way in the battle against COVID-19.

Know Your Hospital

DESUN Hospital is dedicated to providing patients and their families with the highest level of specialized burn care in a nurturing, compassionate, personal and hygienic environment. Our unmatched professional expertise makes us one of the best in Kolkata.

Our controlled and sterilised unit has all the necessary care facilities that help recovery and prevent chances of infections. Our specialised isolation units and advanced Steel OTs drastically reduce the chances of infections. Post treatment follow-up and monitoring keep us on track. Hence, DESUN can be trusted to provide the best treatment for post covid symptoms.

Not only do we have the largest local Ambulance Network in Bengal ensuring 50% faster access to dedicated care, and in-house Specialist Doctors are on standby for every emergency with immediate medical attention, we also have a record of treating over 90% life-threatening incidents with our just-in-time attention for crisis and emergency management in 2019. Waste no time in reaching out for help at our 24x7 Emergency helpline number, and always remember that we are there by your side to take care of you.

At Desun, the surgery and hospital stay package prices are one reasonable as compared to other corporate hospitals, and 24x7 availability of best team of Specialist Doctors and cardiac surgeons under one roof further ensure prompt treatment. This ensures that every patient receives the highest standards of care which are cost-effective, time-saving and lead to quick recovery. Desun Hospital has a holistic approach to patient care with an end to end integration of various processes, starting from consultation to diagnosis, surgery and finally complete post-operative care.

Why Is Desun Hospital The Best Choice?

Rated as one of India’s best hospitals

  • DESUN is the youngest hospital in India to get the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) accreditation from Government of India for excellence in quality of medical treatment and hospital services. Throughout the world NABH is considered equivalent to the JCAHO (Joint Commission for American Healthcare Organizations) or JCI (Joint Commission International) standards followed in USA for hospital accreditation.

    Awarded Healthcare Pioneers of the East 2020 by The Times Of India in Cardiac Care and Orthopaedics.

    In the lead story of the November 2011 issue of national news magazine THE WEEK, India’s best hospitals were covered, based on an All India Survey. DESUN Hospital was included in this prestigious list.

    The DESUN Pathology Lab has also received the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) accreditation, for excellence in quality of routine and superspeciality pathology testing. In Eastern India, only DESUN Pathology Lab has in-house facilities to perform Superspeciality pathology tests like PCR, Flow Cytometryetc. This has huge benefits for DESUN’s patients because there is practically no waiting time to get test results when compared to other hospitals in Kolkata, who have to send these tests to Mumbai or Delhi and wait for 3 or 4 days to get results. Thus, there is no delay in diagnosis and DESUN’s patients get prompt and accurate treatment. The hospital also has one of the best medical stores in Kolkata which is open for 24 hours. This medical store in Kolkata has proved to be a saving grace for patients accommodated inside the hospital and while reaching out to the outside patients in a medical emergency.

Ranked Topmost by both West Bengal and Central Governments

  • Desun is CGHS-recognized NABH Multispeciality Hospital since 2015 & also Class I Multispeciality Hospital recommended by WBHS.

Safest Hospital for any operation.

  • 2 of the major fears a surgeon experiences before any operation is that of an OT infection and cardiac or heart complications during or after the operation. If OT infections occur or the patient develops cardiac problems, even the best surgeon will be unable to help. DESUN is the only hospital in Kolkata that has STEEL OPERATION THEATERS (Steel OTs) that drastically reduce chances of OT infection. After surgery, the patient is under the best care of doctors and nurses during the post-operative phase at DESUN. DESUN also has the largest Heart Institute in Kolkata to handle any cardiac emergencies during or after surgery.

Specialist Doctors round-the-clock

  • With 28 medical departments, each having in-house specialist doctors, any problem during your stay at DESUN can be handled by an emergency medical doctor round-the-clock. You may be admitted for one particular surgery but if any other health problem comes up for which your specialist doctor needs advice, in-house doctors of other departments are available immediately.

Eligibility of treatment in installments

  • The patient / patient’s relatives can learn about the eligibility criteria that depend on their previous medical history, present medical reports and other related documents, once they visit DESUN hospital.

Payment Process (Tenure, Bajaj Finance EMIs, etc)

  • DESUN Hospital has been delivering quality healthcare year after year. Bajaj Finance EMI Scheme has helped over 500 patients to pay for cardiac treatment through EMIs ranging from 6 to 36 months. The patient needs to pay a down payment of the total hospital expenditure - including cost of implants - to undergo essential life-saving heart treatments.

Desun Experience

“I was scared of surviving this deadly virus. I have a family history of blood sugar and therefore was very apprehensive. DESUN provided me with the best post covid syndrome treatment, giving me the hope of leading a new life.”

Pratim Banerjee, COVID Survivor

“Life after COVID is something not many can talk about, and yet I live to tell the tale. My wife and I were tested positive following which we headed to DESUN. The doctors treated us immediately & kept us in a safe environment. Even after recovery, the hospital ensured post COVID weakness treatmentand post COVID headaches treatment. Now, I will recommend only DESUN to anybody for post covid treatment.”

Gurpreet Sachdeva, COVID Survivor

"I was stuck in Kolkata during the lockdown and unfortunately contracted the virus. I was scared as I was far from home. DESUN was my nearest and indeed a ray of hope. Thanks to their prompt attention and 24/7 care I survived the virus and am now back home."

Madhusree Mukherjee, COVID Survivor

Medical Care at every step, only at Desun

We care for your life

Desun Hospital provides over 700 affordable surgery packages to make access to health possible to every patient. Best-in-class infrastructure, backed by experienced doctors and a highly dedicated medical team, and a NABL-certified diagnostic facility, are available round-the-clock for quick response and advanced medical treatment, at any time of day. Desun is proud of its unbeatable record of initiating prompt treatment within two hours of admission for every patient, ensuring maximum chances of recovery.

We care for your finances

Desun Hospital not only is an expert at providing superior treatment across 29 medical departments, but also provides the most affordable rates in comparison to other local hospitals. Additionally, Desun Hospital is empanelled with the largest number of insurance and TPA providers, as well as part of the reliable PPN Network of hospitals. These initiatives have been undertaken by Desun Hospital keeping the patient’s every need, in mind. At Desun, the patient is the top-most priority, and making complete healthcare accessible at subsidized rates, a responsibility.

We care for your convenience

Desun Hospital makes sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the patient’s ease and convenience in matters of healthcare. Keeping this in mind, Desun has designed medical services that better the medical journey for the patient. From the largest network of ambulances, high bed capacity, 24/7 availability of medical experts, specialist doctors and a diagnostic centre backed by latest medical technology, Desun ensures ease of medical treatment every step of the way. In terms of transparent billing and TPA assistance, Desun Hospital sets new standards of excellence for the medical world as well.

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