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Inspired by the vision to make advanced heart procedures and surgeries available to all, DESUN Hospital, the leading heart hospital in Eastern India, has pioneered a one-of-its-kind Easy EMI Scheme. Already more than 500 patients have availed Desun’s Easy EMI Scheme and have been enormously benefitted. At Desun the total cost of Advanced Cardiac Treatment including high quality imported Stents / Pacemakers / Heart Valves have now come within the easy reach of many. After a initial small amount of down payment against the entire hospital costs,the balance can be paid later through equal monthly instalments (EMI’s) stretched over a period of 6 months to 3 years.


Around 70% of the death due to heart attacks and failures are mostly of people who have been postponing their cardiac surgery for almost 12 months or more even after being advised by heart specialists or cardiac surgeons about the condition of their heart that needs surgery to keep beating. 6 out 0f 10 heart patients in India who have been advised surgery keep delaying as they find surgery cost to be not affordable. In many cases they do not have medical insurance or sufficient coverage. They do not have the financial ability to pay for heart surgery in one-time payment or at once.

Some of the DESUN EMI SCHEME Benificiaries

How does Desun EMI Scheme help ?

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DESUN Hospital introduces Surgery in Installment payment; this will enable many to avail expensive and critical surgeries at an affordable payment structure through (EMI – Easy Monthly Installment or Installment). Even people with medical and health insurance and as well as patients who will do in cash payment are eligible to apply for the DESUN installment process and depending on the documents and other eligibility criteria the installment get approved.




For EMI Enquiry : (+91) 83348 21214, (+91) 96740 83683 (Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm)

Payment Process (Tenure, EMIs, etc)


Latest surgeries at an affordable payment

DESUN hospital is providing installment payment facility for selected surgeries to make it available and affordable for the people who need expensive surgeries. People who have medical insurance but it will not be enough to get an expensive surgery done, or the insurance will not cover the surgery cost at that time and people who do not have health insurance and cannot afford to get it done fully in cash payment only can afford to pay a part of it.


Quick approval and speedy process

The installment facility has been designed for speedy approval and within few days of required paper processing the appropriate amount as per documents, rules, terms and conditions get approved.


Modern medical facility

DESUN hospital is a NABH accredited hospital and the hospital got the NABH accreditation for the second time which is an achievement for a recent hospital. The hospital has latest cath lab for Angiogram and Angioplasty. There is steel OTs, 94 Bed ICU with ventilator in each bed, 300 hospital beds, 28 medical departments and latest surgeries. Now all these extensive facility is more affordable with the payment of surgery cost in installments.


Dependable and among the most recommended hospitals

High success rate, full time specialist doctors, agile medical teams, expert patient service team, experienced doctors and surgeons, ambulance assistance in all districts of West Bengal and Kolkata, accurate and transparent billing procedures, cleanliness, coordinated teams and communication make DESUN one of the most reliable and recommended hospital in east of India. It is just not in Kolkata, but even for patients in neighboring states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Tripura and North-east India find DESUN to be the preferred choice. Even patients in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan prefer DESUN.

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