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DESUN Hospital is empanelled under PPN or Preferred Provider Network of Mediclaim Insurance providers like United India, National Insurance, New India Assurance and Oriental Insurance and their corresponding TPA’s (Third Party Administrators)


What is a Preferred Provider Network – (PPN) ?

The Insurance companies were facing problems because of huge billings by hospitals for Mediclaim patients. They negotiated rates with leading hospitals for different categories of surgeries and medical treatment. Those hospitals who follow the negotiated rates were included in the list of hospitals preferred by the Insurance companies - Hence the name Preferred Provider Network (PPN) hospitals.

DESUN became one of the first hospitals to be included in this PPN list. However, a number of hospitals did not choose to be included in this list.


What PPN hospital means for the Mediclaim patients ?

Let us (say) consider gallbladder surgery or what is commonly known as Lap Chole i.e. removal of gallbladder stone through key hole surgery. DESUN follows the PPN rate which is Rs. 27,000 for general bed. This rate is fixed and is usually covered by your Mediclaim policy. Hence for gallbladder surgery you need not pay anything out of your pocket. Your Mediclaim insurance can cover the cost of this surgery as per PPN rates at DESUN.

However, for the same gallbladder surgery you may be charged Rs. 70,000 in general bed by hospitals who are not covered under PPN. In this case you have to pay the excess amount of Rs. 43,000 (Rs. 70,000 less Rs. 27,000) from your own pocket as Mediclaim will only reimburse this hospital to the extent of Rs. 27000 only and not a single paisa more.

Besides excellence in quality, DESUN is preferred by patients because it follows PPN rates for Mediclaim Patients!



  • Getting treated at a non-PPN hospital can mean paying the total cost of surgery upfront, and then seeking compensation from your Insurance Company later on. Such compensations can be hard to come by, often resulting in long delays and partial payments.
  • By getting treated in a PPN Hospital (like DESUN Hospital), you can avail of cashless surgery packages as per your policy terms. In other words, you enjoy zero hassles, zero waiting and zero worry.
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